One passenger injured onboard Majesty of the Seas

Posted on Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 4:27 pm    

A cruise ship passenger, who was not named by the authorities, was taken via helicopter to a hospital in Miami, Florida after the person incurred a head injury while aboard Royal Caribbean International’s Majesty of the Seas on May 21, NBC South Florida reported.

The cause of the head wound is still unclear, although authorities placed the time of the accident at 11:30 p.m. in waters not far from Miami. Miami Fire Rescue Captain Robert Hevia said the victim was brought to Mercy Hospital and was promptly admitted to the emergency room. The cruise ship continued to the Bahamas as planned without any delay of its travel schedule.

Despite being famous for their convenience as an inclusive vacation, cruises can be a dangerous place to sustain an injury. It may result in an injured or ill passenger waiting for adequate medical treatment not readily available on the ship. Call (786) 375-0344 to speak with a member of our Florida-based legal team at The Vucci Law Group, P.A. if you experience this situation.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas to feature North Star

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 7:42 pm    

This November, Miami, Florida-based Royal Caribbean International will be launching the North Star, a glass capsule designed to lift as many as 13 guests at a time 300 feet above the ocean, on their new Quantum of the Seas ship.

Other features of the 1,141-foot long, 16-decked ship Quantum of the Seas include a sports and entertainment complex complete with bumper cars, skydiving simulations, and a surfing simulator known as FlowRider. Quantum of the Seas is expected to launch on November 23, and will have the capacity to hold around 4,180 guests. It will travel a route between the Caribbean and New York City.

Cruise ships can provide guests with incredible opportunities for excitement and adventure, but unfortunately, cruise ship passengers may also be exposed to dangerous injuries or illnesses. If you or someone you love has suffered a cruise ship injury or illness, seek the legal help of our attorneys at the Vucci Law Group, P.A., by calling (786) 375-0344.

Celebrity Constellation crew member falls overboard

Posted on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 5:07 pm    

Inyoman Bagiada, 45, a cook on the Celebrity Constellation cruise ship fell overboard at around 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 29.

Bagiada was reported missing by management at 10 a.m., hours after surveillance cameras recorded him going overboard.

Coast Guard helicopters and cutters patrolled the area where Bagiada was expected to have fallen. Evidence of the incident included a pair of shoes found next to a deck railing.

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Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas features new attractions

Posted on Wednesday, November 27th, 2013 at 4:18 pm    

Miami-based cruise line, Royal Caribbean International, recently announced that its cruise ship, Anthem of the Seas, will sail from Southampton in the United Kingdom for its 2015 spring launch.

The Anthem of the Seas boasts some unconventional attractions for cruise ship passengers. The ship’s feature attraction, the North Star, is a mounted glass capsule designed to rise 300 feet above sea level, giving guests a comprehensive view of their surroundings.

In addition to the North Star viewing feature, the Anthem of the Seas will offer simulated skydiving, circus school, studio staterooms, and virtual balconies.

The popularity of cruise vacations has increased exponentially within the past 15 years. However enjoyable and economical cruises can be, they can also present dangerous situations. If you have sustained injuries while on a cruise, contact the Louis A. Vucci P.A.. By calling (786) 375-0344 our lawyers can help determine if you are eligible for compensation.


Couple stranded in Turkey after incurring injury on cruise ship

Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2013 at 7:18 pm    

After sustaining a serious injury while on board an Azamara cruise ship, Tampa, Florida resident Dodge Melkonian and his wife Jill were stranded in Turkey on August 22. The ship was in the Black Sea when Dodge fell and broke his hip.

Due to the gravity of Dodge’s injuries, the ship’s crew decided to drop the couple off at Bartin, a small town on the coast of Turkey, before he was moved to a nearby hospital, where he has been since the accident. He will need to stay for 10 more days while getting a blood transfusion.

The couple wants Azamara’s parent company, Royal Caribbean, to foot their rising hospital bills, as they bought travel insurance from the group.

Taking timely legal action after incurring injuries while on a cruise ship is important, as the time allotted for the filing of claim for compensation is limited to one year following the accident. If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, don’t hesitate to enlist the services of our attorneys at the Louis A. Vucci P.A., by calling (786) 375-0344.