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Cruise Ship Contaminated Food Lawyers

One of the things that many people look forward to the most when taking a cruise is the food, from the variety of food they can eat to the unique and delicious meals they will enjoy. Unfortunately, though, the very food that a person looks forward to enjoying may end up being a source of pain and discomfort, ruining the trip, if it is contaminated.

As our team at Louis A. Vucci, P.A., knows, far too many cruise ship passengers suffer from the consequences of contaminated food. From food poisoning to other food borne illnesses, contaminated food can cause a wide range of health problems for a passenger, not to mention end up costing them emotionally and financially. Fortunately, by filing a passenger claim, many cruise ship victims of contaminated food are able to get justice and compensation for their undue suffering.

Causes of Contaminated Food on Cruise Ships

Although cruise ships are often well-regulated regarding food preparation and serving, sometimes negligence occurs, allowing contaminated food to be served to passengers. Some examples of how such a situation might occur include:

  • Staff members failing to wash hands
  • Staff members failing to sterilize cooking utensils
  • Cooking staff leaving food exposed to bacteria
  • Serving old / expired food
  • Staff members leaving meat out for too long prior to serving

Any negligence that results in food contamination could be a danger to you or to your family and friends. But you do not have to face this situation on your own; you can hold those responsible for the negligence that led to the contamination accountable with the help of a skilled legal professional.

Discuss Contaminated Food and Passenger Claims with an Attorney Today

When you pay to be a passenger on a cruise ship, you deserve to be served food that is safe to eat, not contaminated. Thus, if you or a loved one has suffered from the ramifications that contaminated food can have, our lawyers at Louis A. Vucci, P.A., may be able to help you hold the cruise ship or line responsible for the losses and expenses it has caused you. Call (786) 375-0344 to learn more about what you can do to take action and how we can help.