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Holland America’s New Ship Is Where Traditional Meets Contemporary

Koningsdam—Holland America Line’s newest and largest ship—has a decidedly modern feel without sacrificing traditional cruise ship luxuries. Form follows function, so the Koningsdam succeeds in blending both familiar and fresh aesthetic aspects to create a luxurious experience.

Koningsdam differs from Holland America Line’s previous ships because it is light and spacious; pale woods and bright spaces of Koningsdam’s interior replace dark woods of earlier ships. Other changes include a lighter color scheme for towels, as well as a transition from oil paintings to black-and-white photographs. The addition of curved ribs to the ship reflects an appreciation for musical themes, a central aspect of Koningsdam’s appeal.

The ship also does not fall short on entertainment. Classical musicians of the Lincoln Center soothe, while Memphis-trained singers featured in the B.B. King Blues Club delight passengers. LED screens 2 stories high and 250 feet long ensure nobody misses the incredible live song-and-dance production.

Dining establishments complement the elegant design and spectacular entertainment of the Koningsdam. Upon request, passengers receive private bottles of quality wine from Chateau Ste. Michelle vineyards, Cold Creek, and Canoe Ridge Estate. Hands-on classes and demonstrations contribute to the urban feel of the ship. The Culinary Art Center presents five-course meals and unlimited wine. Between the amazing dining experience, incredible live entertainment, and intricate design of Koningsdam, the ship guarantees a comfortable and sophisticated ambiance to the satisfaction of its passengers.

Louis A. Vucci, P.A. understands that you go on a cruise to have a carefree and relaxing break. However, accidents can still happen on vacation, and occasionally the cruise ship company’s negligence makes accidents more likely. If you sustained an injury because of a cruise company’s irresponsibility, call our offices at (786) 375-0344 for the compensation you deserve.

Extravagant Luxury Cruise Line Caters to Nation’s Wealthiest

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has unveiled the most opulent luxury cruise ship that you are likely to find on the seven seas. The aptly named Regent Seven Seas Explorer makes no effort to hide its multi-million dollar amenities set to create an exorbitant cruise experience that is, thus far, unprecedented. The ship is complete with a 542 person wait staff—roughly equivalent to one crew member for every 1.4 guests—ready to attend to its 750 passengers’ every whim. Drinks are refilled with lightning speed, most suites are equipped with a marble shower stall and tub, and menu items include a lobster, caviar, foie gras, and escargot spread under a $200,000 chandelier.

Frank Del Rio, president and CEO of Norwegian, calls the ship a trophy: “This ship was built for 1-percenters.” The 2,400 pieces of fine art that adorn the walls amount to just over $7 million and are highlighted by a 6,000-piece crystal chandelier. When building the ship, Del Rio gave designers and contractors free reign to create the most indulgent cruise experience ever heard of. While the soft budget for the ship was $450 million, Del Rio admits that money was no object and the cruise line exceeded their budget by an amount they were unwilling to reveal.

The high-class ship is a departure from the usual, recreation-centered cruises offered by Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian. The ostentatious cruise experience is meant to “create wows” and serves as a response to the increased demand set by the booming luxury cruise industry. As it stands, more luxury cruise ships are expected to come to fruition in the future, with all major cruise lines having at least one on order.

The refined, cultural experience offered by cruise ships is relaxing, but can sometimes be marred by unanticipated injury or illness. If you have suffered an accident on a cruise ship, don’t hesitate to contact the well-versed cruise ship injury lawyers at Louis A. Vucci, P.A. to recoup your losses from the cruise line that is accountable. Reach out to us by calling (786) 375-0344 to speak to a member of our legal team today.

Regent’s Explorer allows guests to cruise in style

A new addition to the fleet of Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the Seven Seas Explorer, a massive and beautiful luxury cruise ship.

The Explorer features six restaurants, offering a variety of creative entrees, and one café. On the different decks you can find a pool, two hot tubs, putting greens, a bocce court, jogging track, and theater that performs nightly shows, a lounge that features music, a small casino, a well-stocked library, a cardroom, and of course, shuffleboards. Canyon Ranch Spa offers a variety of relaxing treatments including scrubs, wraps, baths, and massages. Also featured at the spa are a thermal suite with a sauna, as well as steam and cold rooms. Suites on the ship are spacious and many include balconies, bath tubs, showers, and walk-in closets. The overall ambiance of the ship is elegant and cool with a very spacious feel. With a crew member for every 1.4 guests, it is easy to get the attention you need.

Unfortunately, luxurious amenities are not the case for all cruise ships. When the number of crew members is low and guest needs are not attended to, incidents are more likely to occur and injuries can happen. If you are injured on a cruise ship, contact Louis A. Vucci, P.A. at (786) 375-0344. Our team is ready to help you get the money you deserve.

Royal Caribbean Launches High-Tech New Cruise Ship

Royal Caribbean recently unveiled the newest addition to its Oasis Class fleet: the Harmony of the Seas. The ship spans 10 stories and contains seven unique neighborhoods for passengers to explore. The idea behind the ship’s sprawling design is to avoid guests congregating in a single area. The Harmony contains an array of attractions, from a carnival-themed Boardwalk with a carousel to a Central Park area with a full range of specialty restaurants. With seven different areas embodying seven different themes, guests feel more compelled to move around.

This idea was put to the test on the ship’s preview trip. The ship was at capacity, but still many guests were surprised to learn that more than 6,000 other passengers accompanied them onboard. The ship attracts this number by trying to provide something for everyone. Zip-lining and a trip down the multilevel slide might appeal to more adventurous-minded passengers, while seeing one of the many new theatrical productions may appeal to others. Harmony showcases a variety of entertainment options, including a comedy show, an ice skating show, an acrobat and diving show, and an adaptation of “Grease” that blends together the Broadway musical and the 1978 movie.

One of the ship’s main selling points is the unique bar area that seems straight out of a science fiction movie. Robotic bartenders take orders form tablets placed around the bar. They then mix drinks from a full range of bottles that hang from the bar’s celling. The ship also features WOWbands, wristbands created to lessen the need for room keys. The bands come in a range of colors and can complete any key card task short of turning on the lights in your cabin.

The increased automation onboard the Harmony is designed to match the utmost ease of use that guests have become accustomed to. With new technologies such as these also comes new problems. With fewer human staff onboard to resolve these issues, the chance of misconduct and injury can also increase. If you suffer an injury on a cruise ship and would like legal assistance, then seek the legal assistance of the cruise ship injury attorneys at Louis A. Vucci, P.A. by calling our offices at (786) 375-0344.

Carnival Cruise sued for miniature golf course injury

Dzung Tran, a passenger of Miami-based Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Splendor, filed a lawsuit against the company after his arm was ripped open while playing mini-golf on the cruise ship.

According to the lawsuit, Tran was playing mini-golf on the cruise ship last summer when he lost his footing, stumbled, and fell over a loose border on the course. The impact caused him to sustain numerous injuries on his arm, including a major gash that left his arm wide open. Tran said a club tore a major artery in his arm.

Carnival Cruise has yet to make a statement regarding the lawsuit as of the time of reporting.

At Louis A. Vucci, P.A., our team of experienced legal professionals is fully engaged when it comes to handling cruise ship accident cases of any kind. Speak with a qualified member of our legal team by calling our offices today at (786) 375-0344 so that we can attend to your case right away.

Carnival employees convinced their jobs are being outsourced

Information technology employees at Carnival cruise lines claim they are being fired in order to be replaced with cheaper labor. In the process, Carnival has struck a deal where these employees can receive jobs at a consulting and outsourcing firm named Capgemini.

The company characterizes the move as a “transfer, ” but the attorney representing these workers describes it as being fired and then hired someplace else.

Approximately 200 employees are affected by this decision. Many of these Carnival employees believe they have effectively been fired to be replaced with cheaper, foreign labor. The practice of hiring foreigners with work visas has recently become more commonplace, as major corporations, including Toys ‘R’ Us and Disney, have implemented similar programs.

Carnival asserts that the deal with Capgemeni offers affected employees at least six months of work. However, they could be terminated at any point, as the employment with Capgemeni is at will. The affected Carnival employees had to decide whether to take or leave the offer by December 19th.

World’s Major Cruise Companies Soon to Offer Trips to Cuba

Recently, the Cuban government signed agreements that would allow two of the world’s most popular cruise lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, passage into the island nation. Guests can now enjoy Cuba as a part of both cruise lines’ expeditions through the Caribbean. Although the title of first American cruise line to sail into Cuba has already gone to Carnival’s Fathom line, this official announcement still serves as a milestone for guests and cruise companies alike. The soon-to-be inauguration of Cuba into the cruise lines’ itineraries is expected to be more exciting than Carnival’s social impact trips to Cuba, which Cruise Week claimed targeted a market that was too specific.

Instead of the Cuban “volun-tourism” trips that Carnival offered, cruise passengers can now widely enjoy day trips and overnight stays in Havana, the island nation’s capitol. Additionally, Cuban Americans will now be allowed passage back into their native country for the duration of the cruise ship’s itinerary, an option that wasn’t possible for Carnival because of policies by the Cuban government that prohibited re-entry into Cuba by sea. Now, with the reversal of the policy, island-born Cuban Americans —including Norwegian’s president and CEO, Frank del Rio— can enjoy the cruise lines’ expeditions to Cuba. Del Rio, whose family had to flee Cuba at age six, calls the new advancement “a dream come true.”

All three of Norwegian’s lines and two of Royal Caribbean’s lines—Royal Caribbean International and Azamara Club Cruises—will be bound for Cuba in the near future. While itinerary details will unfold in the coming weeks, the Cuban government’s green light is said by Cruise Week to “signify the true realization of Cuba’s potential in the cruise industry.”

Cruise ships offer a rich, cultural experience, but sometimes these expeditions can lead to undue injury. If you find yourself in need of legal counsel following an incident on a cruise, contact our cruise ship injury attorneys at Louis A. Vucci, P.A. for knowledgeable representation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at (786) 375-0344.

Carnival Corp. caught polluting oceans; fined $40M

The United States government slapped a $40 million fine against Miami, Florida-based Carnival Corp.’s Princess Cruises for polluting the water.

According to the U.S. government, the Princess Cruises used a “magic pipe” to dump dirty water into the ocean off the coast of England in 2013. Investigators claim this instance of discharge is one among several wherein the ship dumped dirty water into the Atlantic, including off the shores of U.S. ports from Texas to South Florida and along the Eastern Seaboard in 2012 and 2013.

Cruises are among the favorite vacation plans of Americans because they are engaging, affordable and comprehensive. However, there are instances when one can become seriously injured during a cruise, which is a dangerous case because it can take hours before medical help can be obtained. Seek the legal assistance of our attorneys at Louis A. Vucci, P.A. by calling our offices today at (786) 375-0344 if you sustain a cruise ship injury. We can help you receive compensation for the negligent actions of others.

Cruise ships’ spa services are getting more high-end

Cruise ship spa services have now modernized with ships like Bermudian, Florida-based shipping line Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.’s Breakaway ship’s Mandara Spa providing not only standard spa services like massages, manicures, and facials but also high-end and top-of-the-line cosmetic and/or medical procedures like teeth whitening, acupuncture, and injectables, like Botox and Restylane.

While a majority of spa patrons on cruise ships remain the elderly passengers looking for some pain relief, with services on the higher-end available, customers will use them to some degree. Doctors generally recommend that things like Botox be handled by dermatologists or other medical professionals as a reaction or bad treatment, which is more likely at the hands of spa workers with only five days of training, would need to be remedied as soon as possible. When far out to sea, this is often not possible and some side effects of Botox gone wrong include: “allergic reactions, vascular reactions, blindness, and low-grade chronic infections”.

Getting injured or contracting an illness while on a cruise can be dangerous, as victims may find themselves waiting for hours before they receive the needed medical attention. If you would like to sue for your personal injury accident on a cruise ship, call our attorneys at Louis A. Vucci, P.A. by dialing (786) 375-0344.

Cruise ship passenger dies in Tauranga collision

A 71-year-old cyclist lost her life after a collision with a truck at the intersection of Mirrielees Road and Te Awanui Drive in Tauranga, New Zealand on Tuesday, November 22. The victim of the accident, which occurred around 12:15 in the afternoon, was an American cruise ship passenger who was in the country for a vacation.

Police declared the woman dead at the scene of the accident, and no other casualties or injured people were reported. The Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit and the Police Serious Crash Unit are conducting further investigations into the matter to find out what factors could have influenced the accident to begin with. After the accident, the bridge was temporarily closed to public traffic to make way for the maintenance crew cleanups.

At Louis A. Vucci, P.A., we are familiar with the serious consequences of accidents that can happen on and around cruise ships. Our condolences are with the family of the victim as they mourn the loss of a loved one.

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