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Virgin’s Newest Cruise Suites Set the Stage for a Renown Party Experience

Virgin Voyage is setting their first cruise ship to sail in 2020. The company has engineered a ship that raises the bar for premier party experiences. There are 78 private suites in the ship. Booking a ticket in one of these suites offers you exclusive access to Richard’s Rooftop, a club named the company’s founder Richard Bransom. The suites have been named Rockstar suites. Inside is a retro style, with tall, black mirror-like wall sections. Gold accents decorate the furniture. Mounted guitars and other memorabilia pay homage to the company’s beginnings as a record company. Of all the cabins on The Scarlet Lady, the suites compose only a fraction of the total rooms. Virgin declined to say exactly how many would be boarding the ship in Port Miami next year, but the ship is built to carry about 2,700 passengers not including staff.
There are eight variations among the 78 suites. The largest among them measures in at more than 2,100 square feet. It sleeps six and includes a private outdoor shower. There is also a large dining room table and a staircase for easy scaling. The smallest of the suites is 352 square feet and has a bathroom with a window. It may seem small but this is a luxury among cruise ships. Every suite is equipped with a full bar and a record player. The room concepts were created by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio. Virgin Group’s founder said in a statement that “Virgin has always avoided stuffy formalities and brought a lot of excitement and a bit of rebelliousness to our customer’s experience. With these glamorous suites, Virgin Voyages is bringing rock and roll to the high seas while treating our guests like the rock stars they are.”

Full Amenities on Virgin Cruise Line Suites

The amenities for suite passengers doesn’t start or end with the room, it starts the moment you leave your house. Virgin will supply private transportation to and from the airport for faster boarding. Upon arrival, guests will have a team of seafarers to help them unpack and pack their items. Each night, a swimsuit drying service is also available. For 15 of the Mega Rockstar Suites, a bartender will stock the bar based on the guest’s personal preferences. Virgin is the newest company among other cruise lines, and they’re doing things out of the ordinary. The ship will be adults only, and there will only be one small pool. This contrasts other cruise lines that are trying to fit a waterpark on their decks. If you have the funds to spring for a suite on The Scarlet Lady, you’re sure to have an experience that lasts a lifetime.