Unique Illness Risks on Cruise Ships

Being on a cruise ship uniquely exposes passengers to certain illnesses, particularly airborne and foodborne illnesses. While many of the possible illnesses passengers can experience are likely to occur on land as well, the unique setting of a cruise ship creates the ideal conditions for an outbreak.

Common Illnesses on Cruise Ships

When a great number of people are confined to an area in close quarters, it can be difficult to prevent the spread of germs. For this reason, airborne outbreaks are a possibility. Further, cruise ship passengers may fall ill if they are served mishandled or contaminated food. While some cruise ship illnesses are unavoidable, they are sometimes due to negligence on the part of the cruise ship line. Some of the more common illness experienced on cruise ships include:

Illnesses spread by germs are also likely to occur in schools or other areas where individuals are in close proximity. The Norovirus, which causes gastrointestinal problems, is highly contagious and is notoriously associated with cruise ships. Seeking prompt treatment for gastrointestinal problems can prevent the illness from spreading to other passengers and causing an outbreak.

Contact a Cruise Ship Attorney

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