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Sinking Cruise Ships

Every year, over 20 million vacationers board cruise ships and set off to destinations worldwide. Within the last 10 years, the average size of cruise ships as well as their cargo loads have doubled. As ships are built larger to accommodate more passengers and more activities, they are slowly becoming more unstable due to their higher centers of gravity. Lower centers of gravity, on the other hand, are more stable but rock back and forth more severely, often leading to passenger sea sickness. As such, cruise ships are constructed with a higher center of gravity to lessen the rock and sway, but this is slowly making ships less safe.

Reasons Why Ships Sink

When large ships sink, it can be due to many issues. The latest generation of giant, modern cruise ships contains virtual navigation systems that can simulate almost any kind of danger or situation, but it doesn’t account for human error or design and construction issues that may still take place. Common reasons why cruise ships have sunk in the past include the following:

  • Impact with rock or icebergs
  • Design or construction weakness
  • Navigational error
  • Human error
  • Untrained captains
  • Lack of professionally trained employees and experienced mariners onboard
  • Failures in evacuation plan
  • Inclement weather or natural disaster

The cruise ship industry continues to review and implement safety procedures, but certain kinds of impact and error can still be overlooked. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to be responsible for the costs associated with any injuries you may suffer during the incident of a sinking cruise ship.

Contact a Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer For Help

If you or someone you know has been affected by a sinking ship accident, legal action can be taken in pursuit of financial compensation. Louis A. Vucci, P.A., has recovered millions of dollars in cruise ship injury claims and are the ones you can trust with your injury claim. Contact the cruise ship injury attorneys of Louis A. Vucci, P.A. at (786) 375-0344 for more information. We don’t receive a penny until your case is resolved.