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Pursuing Physical Assault Claims

Cruise liners are expected to provide a safe, relaxing environment for families to enjoy their time together for the duration of the voyage. When cruise ship management companies and their staff fail to take the appropriate precautions to protect their guests, however, there may not be any way to prevent or stop a physical altercation.

There was no reason that the circumstances under which you were assault should have ever been allowed to exist to begin with. Now that you and your family have suffered so much already, our legal team may be able to help you recover compensation for the injuries you or a loved one sustained.

Measures Cruise Liners Should Take to Prevent Physical Assault

As a means to prevent incidents like the one you were made to experience, cruise liners are expected to provide their guests with the following:

  • Proper lighting
  • Working locks in the cabin
  • Adequate video surveillance
  • Trusted, trained staff

Whatever the particulars of your claim happen to be, our legal team is prepared to help you recover compensation for the pain and suffering you endured.

Consult with a Physical Assault Claim Attorney

If you were physically assaulted while you were aboard a cruise liner, you should speak with one of the physical assault claim attorneys at Louis A. Vucci, P.A., about what legal action may be available to you. To discuss the circumstances of the assault with one of our cruise ship attorneys, please call our offices at (786) 375-0344 today.