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Guest is Banned From Royal Caribbean for Life After Jumping Off Ship

Nick Naydev stood on the balcony of a Royal Caribbean cruise ship surrounded by the laughter and jeering of his friends. Teetering on the edge of the ship, Naydev turned back and gave the camera a smile before jumping overboard from the 11th floor balcony. The now viral video shows him flailing uncontrollably as he plummets over 100 feet into the blue water. The video loses focus and you’re unable to see Naydev’s impact, but he survives. He even posted the video to his Instagam following the stunt. “Full send” reads the video’s caption. Naydev failed to let his social media followers know that this action caused him to get kicked off the Royal Caribbean cruise and any other future cruises with the company. Royal Caribbean spokesperson Owen Torres was among the least amused by the stunt. He described Naydev’s action as “stupid and reckless behavior. He and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again” He told the Washington Post in an email that the company is exploring legal action.

Consequences for Jumping Off a Cruise Ship

Torres did not answer any follow up questions about the situation, so it’s unclear when and where the incident ocurred, as well as if the cruise line called in local authorities. Naydev claims that at the time of the stunt, the ship was docked in Nassau, Bahamas. He says purported that Royal Caribbean’s security team immediately moved to contact police and have the group removed from the ship. “Fortunately, the police thought the whole situation was amusing and did not proceed to file any legal actions” says Naydev.
Naydev and his pals got off relatively easy, but they did meet some inconveniences. They had to find their own way home in Vancouver, Wash. from the Bahamas. He claims that his neck and tailbone were especially sore after the jump, and that it was difficult to walk for three days following. The plane ticket from Nassau to Miami costed him $200.

Accident Leads to Fatal Injury on Royal Caribbean Cruise

Such reckless behavior can result in severe to fatal injuries as well. The same day of Naydev’s stunt, a teenager lost his life after falling from the 8th story of Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Sea’s ship. Laurent Mercier, 16 was attempting to climb from one balcony to another. After losing his grip, he fell eight stories onto a strip of asphalt on the dock in Labadee, Haiti.
Although these actions are never advisable, we will keep up with situation to see if any legal charges are brought against Royal Caribbean for these injuries and deaths.