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Cruise Ship Breakdowns

Some may remember the terrible breakdown of a Carnival cruise ship in 2013 that left many passengers stranded in the Gulf of Mexico for over 5 days. After the main engine room caught fire, over 3000 passengers were forced to endure horrific living conditions, including lack of running water, no electricity, few working toilets, and many other issues. That traumatic incident caused many people to begin questioning the reliability of these luxury liners and invites the imagination to wonder what other unfortunate things could happen while on board these ships.

Possible Causes of Breakdowns on Cruise Ships

People pay significant sums of money to board these illustrious ships expecting to relax and enjoy the vast ocean, but sometimes things go wrong that can turn a vacation into a test of willpower. Cruise ship breakdowns do not occur with great frequency, but when they do it is often a dismal sight. Due to the immense size and the numerous parts that make up these monstrous boats, there are many issues that could cause a ship to break down, some of which include:

  • Engine Fires: This is by far the most frequent issue that arises, and unfortunately these fires can cause the entire ship to lose power and possibly sink
  • Virus Outbreaks: Due to the confined space of a cruise ship, if a virus outbreak occurs, it can spread quickly throughout passengers and crew members alike and create a complete meltdown of ship morale
  • Storms: The middle of the ocean contains some of the largest and most powerful storms, and while cruise lines plan around these, some storms form without warning and can cause an entire ship to be flooded by giant waves causing electrical failures and even overturning

These are just a few of the many terrible things that can cause a cruise to break down. While there is only a small probability of this occurring on your trip, it is important to be aware of the possible catastrophic events that can happen when on a cruise ship.

Contact a Cruise Ship Breakdown Attorney today

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