Royal Caribbean refuses to take blame for man who went overboard

Posted on Thursday, November 19th, 2015 at 12:30 pm    

The spouse of a man who went overboard and is now presumed dead a Royal Caribbean cruise ship is fighting with the company about the circumstances of his death.

Bernardo Elbaz’s fall was captured in a chilling video, after he had apparently fallen from the seventh deck of the ship onto a lifeboat one deck below. The video shows him clinging to a metal support beam as other passengers watched and screamed until he eventually lost his grip and falls overboard.

Elbaz’s husband, Erik Elbaz, insists that Bernardo had jumped to his death because of how devastated and upset he was for repeatedly being told anti-gay slurs by crew members. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office has ruled the death a suicide, citing a reported domestic disturbance on board.

Erik Elbaz’s lawyer, Michael Winkleman, asserts that the man didn’t jump when he went overboard, and that the video proves that both of Bernardo Elbaz’s falls were results of failures by Royal Caribbean staff.

Royal Caribbean disputed this assertion in a statement that said, “The attorney’s disproven claims that our security staff had any culpability in this tragedy are shameful and offensive.”

Crew member claim against Royal Caribbean results in $1.9 million verdict

Posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 at 5:25 pm    

Attorney Louis Vucci of Louis A. Vucci P.A., recently represented Teresa Di Trapani, a former Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. crew member, after Trapani claimed that the company failed to provide prompt and adequate medical care in relation to her kidney failure.

Specifically, Trapani alleged that the company failed to perform proper diagnostic testing after she sought treatment for hypertension and proteinuria, which can be early indicators of kidney failure. When her conditioned worsened, she sought treatment while the cruise ship was docked in Portugal, though she was not accompanied by a dock agent, and, when neither she nor the on-board physicians could read the Portuguese notes on her medical charts, she was sent to her room to rest. Two days later, she had to be taken to the hospital in Spain where she was diagnosed with blood clots in her right kidney.

Even when she was able to return home to Canada several months later, Trapani had to undergo a partial nephrectomy to remove a tumor in her kidney.

Though the procedure was successful, Trapani suffered additional complications that were directly related to this procedure. On top of the considerable costs associated with her care, Trapani also lost a considerable amount of income from the cruise liner as she could not to return to work.

At Louis A. Vucci P.A., we are pleased to announce that a jury in Miami has ruled in favor of Trapani and awarded her a $1.9 million verdict.

Weak market share in Latin America causes Royal Caribbean to pull out

Posted on Sunday, November 1st, 2015 at 8:56 pm    

Miami, Florida-based Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is pulling out of Latin America amid worries that the region is weakening in terms of market share values.

The company released its fourth quarter earnings, revealing a net income of $228.8 million or $1.03 per share, down from $490.2 million or $2.19 per share during the same period last year. Royal Caribbean chief financial officer Jason Liberty, who noted that Latin America consists of 10% of the company’s business, said that “these economies are lackluster at best,” with Brazil “becom[ing] problematic.”

Royal Caribbean is optimistic that China, which is currently its third-largest market, will jump up to its second-largest market in 2016 behind North America.

Fellow Florida-based Carnival Cruise Lines also has its eye on China, according to an October 13 announcement that it will launch its Carnival Cruise and AIDA Cruises brands there by 2017, increasing its exposure to the region by 58%.

While these recent announcements indicate potential growth in the cruise ship market, these companies are frequently set back by major outbreaks of illness, injuries, and wrecks that cause harm to their passengers. If you have been the victim of such an incident, the attorneys at Louis A. Vucci P.A., want you to understand that you have rights when it comes to recovering compensation for your suffering. Call us at (786) 375-0344 to discuss your legal options today.